How we help in Mongolia

In a country where market growth is outperforming the commonly discussed BRIC countries, Mongolia's staggering growth rates have been driven predominantly by Fixed Asset Investment and is an economy heavily reliant on imports.  Understanding the macroeconomic shifts taking shape in Mongolia requires on-the-ground insights to be obtained by professionals who understand the needs a client has in having these insights and this market data.  Whether you are attempting to enter the market or do some sizing assessment, we are confident we stand out from other consulting companies with these key points:

Customized business solutions

As pointed out before, we believe your company should get a personalized solution depending on the situation at hand. Equipped with a vast and in-depth insight of the Mongolian market, our team of professionals will study your case and give you the answers that you need.

Mongolian market intelligence

We place a high value on the integrity of our team, which consists of seasoned management consultants who are trained to conduct extensive research on the Mongolian market and the many opportunities it offers.

Importance of local flavor

Any business advice we give to our clients is strongly backed by skilled clients who have honed their craft through hundreds of related project interviews and data collection exercises.  We are proud on the key hallmarks that set Solidiance consultants aside from the rest: Mongolian language proficiency, Mongolian industry knowledge, and local cultural awareness.

For security and confidentiality concerns, you can count on our staff to do their work under absolute discretion. This helps us to get a high repeat rate of business by our clients.

Solidiance truly stands alone in terms of delivering value for money. Over the course of the various projects we've commissioned with Solidiance, we've witnessed them using their deep Asian wide networks to gain trends and insights into a concise roadmap report that we can simply turn over to our Sales team for highly effective implementation. - Tom O'Reilly (Managing Director Asia Rockwell Automation)