Mongolia Market Research Services

Business consulting services can come from anywhere. However, we gain leverage by providing personalized solutions according to each client’s needs. We master the market trends and have rich experience in our industry specialties areas of focus. We are perfectly equipped to ask the right questions, and demand only the best results to be delivered to our clients.

In Mongolia, the mining industry makes up for 70% of the Industrial sector or over 21% of Mongolia's total GDP, of which the main driver is the surge in exports of natural resources. On the other hand, Mongolia also relies heavily on imports, which means that there are many open doors and exciting opportunities for our clients to set up business here.

Some of our services include market entry studies, partner selections, customer insights, market sizing, and competitive intelligence. For each of these services, our clients can rest assured that it is handled by a team of professionals with deep industry knowledge and expertise.

Mongolia Market Intelligence
  • Market sizing and segmentation
  • Industry analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Channel management
  • Value proposition definition
Mongolia Market Entry
  • Market analysis & market entry strategy
  • Product and pricing strategy
  • Site location analysis
  • Alliances/Joint Ventures/M&A/Licensing- Go-to-market approach
Mongolia Competitive Intelligence
  • Competition analysis
  • Best practices benchmarking
  • Competitor blind spots
  • Track existing and upcoming competition
Mongolia B2B Customer Intelligence
  • Customers demographics and behaviour
  • Key customers profiling
  • Decision making processes
  • New products development and testing
Mongolia distribution strategy
  • Value chain analysis
  • Key distributor profiling
  • Pricing & Margins strategy
  • Best practices/ benchmarking

Industries we regularly cover in Mongolia











  • Automation & control
  • Building / construction materials
  • Fluid, pump, & valve manufacturing
  • Industrial equipment & machinery
  • Base
  • Specialty
  • Biotechnology / life science
  • Medical Devices & diagnostics
  • Hospitals and healthcare services
Oil & Gas
  • Downstream
  • Lubricants
High Tech & Electronics
  • Computing hardware, software, & peripherals
  • Network equipment
  • Semiconductors & electronic devices
  • Consumer electronics
  • Commercial / leisure vehicles
  • Trucks and heavy load
  • Motorbikes
  • Automotive aftermarket
  • Enterprise
  • Broadband
  • Wireless
  • Mobile
Media & Entertainment
  • Broadband entertainment
  • Broadcasting
  • Gaming
  • Interactive media
  • e-commerce
  • Motion pictures